Gleaming Curiosities

I  have created on a body of work that expresses my need for experimentation and my love of manipulation.  In my work, I have not only manipulated the materials used within my work, but I have also manipulated the reality of the images in which I chose to represent.  Most of the pieces within my work represent an organic object found in nature, whether it is large or small.  These objects were chosen specifically for their mysterious and curiosity-driven concavity so that they lure the viewer in deeper.  In beginning this work, my primary goal was to explore and expand upon how far I can stretch the ways in which I formed, carved, and shaped the canvas.  I have been using canvas as layers within my work that have been sculpted, cut into, or texturally painted upon.  With all of these elements combined my work shows a distorted, manipulated reality through deepening layers of sparkling interest.